5 Things to Do Before You Try Business Gamification

You see consumers latching onto the gamification craze, whether they’re having fun in GagaVille or comparing running stats on Nike+–so how do you take advantage of this exciting new way to engage audiences and nurture long-term relationships? Here are five steps to get you started:

  1. Do your homework. Social performance management company Rypple co-founder Daniel Debow advises tapping into experts who are already immersed in gamification motivation and design via the $50 billion game business. Also consider checking out these resources:
  1. Think strategy. Treat this like any other project: establish concrete objectives that align with corporate goals, then you’ll be able to design the mechanics that help you achieve those objectives.
  2. Choose motivation that makes sense. Will you establish a leaderboard, which ranks users against others? Introduce challenges to engage users with single or team play? Will you use Foursquare-type badges to provide easy-to-recognize social signals regarding status?  Will the tried-and-true points system engage your gamers? Always invest time in determining which mechanics will best engage the target market.
  3. Integrate the right payment system. For businesses that need to complete gamification transactions, it’s critical to choose the right payment processor. Consumers want payment methods that are safe, convenient, and won’t interfere with the game experience. The good news is that gamification is LEC billable, which means consumers can safely and easily charge the transactions to their phone bill.
  4. Invest in long-term participation. Got game? Then you need time. Like social media engagement, gamification is an ongoing process that needs daily TLC. Be sure you have the people-power needed to maintain game mechanics.  

For more info, check out What is Gamification for Business? A Beginner’s Guide.

When it’s time to integrate payments into your gamification strategy, contact ILD Teleservices to learn how our LEC billing system, Bill to Phone, will make transactions seamless and safe.


Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net