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Time is precious, and that’s why online shopping is so appealing. But many consumers are left frustrated by the sometimes laborious checkout process or anxious that their credit card information may get stolen. But ILD Teleservices has a payment processing solution for that: our Bill To Phone option.

All of our 200 partner sellers have been through our strict vetting process, and have passed a similar exam conducted by the local telephone company. The result is a merchant deemed to be worthy of offering the Bill To Phone payment processing option on their website.

With ILD Teleservice’s Bill To Phone service, consumers don’t need a credit or debit card to go shopping online. They simply select the product(s) they want from one of our 200 verified merchants. When they get to the checkout area they choose the Bill To Phone option, and the costs will be charged to their home phone bill.

To allay customer fears about security, ILD Teleservices checks that a shopper’s entered name, number and address match with their telephone company’s records. Then we cross-check other details, such as IP address, birth date and more, to ensure that yes, it really is you. Only once we have done these checks (super-fast and hassle-free), do we allow the charge to go through.

Shoppers can then simply sit back and wait for their merchandise to arrive, knowing that they used one of the safest forms of online payment available.

For more information about the convenience of ILD Teleservices’ Bill To Phone service, contact us today.


U.S. e-commerce sites are expected to reach sales figures of more than $220 billion in 2012. In what everyone is calling a “down economy,” online sales continue a steady rise year over year. Even more encouraging than steady growth is the non-exclusive nature of online retail business. Acting as an equalizer, global connectivity allows anyone with a great idea or product to market their wares to a large audience. However, when you launch an e-commerce site, you can run into immediate issues with payment processing.

Security requirements
Today’s consumers are very aware of issues like identity theft and credit card fraud. Although most are comfortable purchasing online, they also know to look for certain safety badges. Most customers will want to know that you offer secure shopping carts or SSL encryption, for example. Many people will leave without making a purchase if they are not ensured of proper security for their personal and financial information.

Regulatory affairs
In addition to protecting your customers, you also need to protect your business. Failure to follow stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance rules can result in steep fines. A breach in consumer credit card information can result in a fine for each piece of information compromised, regardless of intent. An unsecured data base with numerous card holder records could result in millions of dollars in fines, for example. This is enough to bankrupt most small businesses.

Alternative payment methods
For small businesses that do not have the technical or legal resources to set up an e-commerce site and payment structures that meet regulatory guidelines, there are many alternative payment methods available. At ILD Teleservices, we specialize in providing safe, effective payment methods for many niches and service types. Our goal is to secure your site and payment methods so you can concentrate on providing quality products to your customers. Contact us at ILD Teleservices today to discuss alternative payment methods that are right for your e-commerce site.

Image courtesy of www.sodahead.com

Image courtesy of www.sodahead.com

Trying to save the business money? Then it’s time to review your payment processing agreements. Check out ILD’s tips for partnering with third party payment processors—without paying more than you should:

Understand the Rate Structure

Whether you work with a credit card processor or an alternative payment processor, make it your business to fully understand how the rate structure works for every payment option you offer. In addition to the transaction fee, you may find the contract details downgrade fees, cancellation/termination fees, statement fees, etc. You may find that by changing the way you process transactions, you can avoid paying some of these charges.

Implement Verification Services

Unbillables will dent the bottom line, but they’ll also give you a headache when you realize some of them are preventable. Partner with your payment processor to implement fraud prevention tactics, like verification services that validate an ecommerce customer’s identity in real time.

Recognize that Cheaper is Not Always Better

A payment processor with bargain basement prices might cost more money in the long run. Be wary of hidden fees and poor vendor support. After all, a bad processing partner might save you a few pennies per transaction but trigger hassle—and loss of revenue—when you can’t get support or your customers abandon their carts in frustration.

Find a Vendor Who Will Become an Extension of Your Team

Third party payment processors should be a partner in your ecommerce success. ILD Teleservices, one of America’s leading alternative payment processors, offers Bill to Phone payments, which allow a customer to charge digital goods and services directly to their phone bill. Shoppers love its safety and convenience. Merchants love its competitive rates and real-time validation services. Find out how an ILD partnership will lift your ecommerce business.

E-commerce Tips

APM, BTN, and IETB aren’t the latest texting abbreviations—they‘re actually common lingo in the world of ecommerce payment processing. So whether you’re new to digital commerce or a master of your digital domain who’s just stumbled across a new term, here’s a guide to ecommerce payment processing jargon:  

APM (Alternative Payment Methods) – These are any ecommerce payment methods aside from the conventional credit card transaction. Payments are processed through a third-party payment processor, and, like credit card transactions, merchants pay a fee for the service.

Bill to Phone – An alternative payment service that allows consumers and businesses to charge digital goods and services to their telephone bill. Bill to phone allows ecommerce merchants to access previously unavailable markets, such as consumers without credit cards or those who don’t use them online because they fear identity theft.

Chargeback – Money charged back to the merchant’s account due to a refund, fraud, or bad billing information. The payment processor or financial institution often charges an additional fee for chargebacks.

Churn Rate – The number of customers who stop using a company’s product or service. Churn occurs for a number of reasons, such as finding a better price from a competitor.  

IETB (Information and Entertainment Transaction Billing) – Developed specifically for merchants in the digital space, IETB processes electronic transactions through the customer’s phone bill. It’s a “no credit card” payment option for consumers and businesses shopping for products and services like subscriptions, online games, software downloads, or internet service.

LEC Billing – Short for Local Exchange Carrier billing, it’s a form of billing that’s processed through any of the more than 1,400 local phone companies in North America.

Turnkey System – A payment processing platform that merchants can implement easily and with only minor adjustments. A turnkey payment solution might offer features such as a 24/7 merchant portal, allowing decision makers to quickly access and manage information, or a self-help center, where consumers can directly find answers to questions about their bill.

Validation – This risk reduction step protects merchants from losing revenue to bad billing information. Validation services verify a customer’s personally identifiable information, such as the last four digits of their Social Security number, to ensure the account is valid. Merchants pay extra for the service, but it’s a nominal fee when compared to losing revenue on unbillable accounts.

Have other ecommerce payment processing terms left you scratching your head? Let us know—the APM experts at ILD Bill to Phone are here to help you understand alternative payment processing in the digital space.

Save Money

Save money. Make money. In the simplest terms, those are the two things every digital commerce professional needs to do on a daily basis. One way to trim expenses and boost revenue at the same time is to invest in a comprehensive alternative payment processing platform. Here are 3 ways an alternative third-party payment processor will save money and increase revenue:

  • Reduce exposure to unbillables – Bad credit card numbers, expired cards, and closed bank accounts eat into an ecommerce merchant’s bottom line. A good alternative payment platform offers verification tools that reduce unbillables by validating a customer’s identity real time.
  • Provide real-time access to information – The ability to access accurate information 24/7 speeds up decision making. A full-service alternative payment processor provides the tools you need to be nimble in the digital space. Billing analytics, combined with an easy-to-use merchant dashboard, help identify trends to maximize profit potential and pinpoint chargeback and unbillable risks. 
  • Offer a turnkey solution – You’re busy running a business and don’t have the significant time it takes to build an ecommerce payment solution from the ground up. Look for a payment processor with the tools to streamline deployment so you can start accessing new markets quickly and seamlessly.

Is there an APM that does all this? Yes: Bill to phone by ILD Teleservices. Our digital commerce payment processing allows customers to charge goods and services directly to their phone bill. For consumers, it offers a “credit card free” way to buy the things they want. For digital merchants, bill to phone provides a complete APM system designed to lift the bottom line.

 From a turnkey payment platform to real-time analytical data, ILD Teleservices has the tools you need to thrive in the digital marketplace. And we offer more than tools—we’ve also processed more than 1 billion transactions and partnered with more than 150 merchants, which makes our experienced team an ideal extension of your ecommerce team. Contact ILD Teleservices today.

meet-internetretailerInternet Retailer Conference & Exhibition is named as America`s largest and fastest growing trade show after becoming the world`s largest e-retailing conference. IRCE has been growing consecutively for four years, and this year, we are delighted to be exhibiting at IRCE 2009 for the first time!

The Expo starts this coming Monday June 15, 2009 in Boston. Our CEO and Chairman, Mike Lewis, ILD’s President and COO, Dennis Stoutenburgh, Dwight Point, VP of Sales, Karen Mitchell, Dir. Sales, Dave Hanron, VP of ILD’s Outsourced and Call Center Services, and me, Ilona Olayan, Dir. of Marketing will be there to meet you personally.

At our booth, #222 (across from GiveAClick), we will be presenting some of our new and exciting alternative payment solutions and special offers for service providers – including our new Information and Entertainment Transaction Billing (IETB) for the phone bill. ILD Teleservices will proudly present its bill to phone payment service for clients looking to create revenue lift. We also have a US based call center fully equipped to handle all customer service inquiries.

We would like to invite you to visit us at the IRCE 2009 to learn about how ILD Teleservices phone billing option can help your business grow – chat with ILD’s Payment Processing team!


  1. ILD’s call centers, operators and all employees are located in the United States
  2. ILD has been a leader in payment processing industry for 13 years
  3. ILD has over 350 employees working in Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, and Ponte Vedra
  4. ILD has been named a First Coast 50 company for 7 years in a row by KPMG and the Jacksonville Business Journal for its outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the Jacksonville community
  5. ILD’s billing network is made up of over 1,400 phone companies in the United States
  6. ILD provides bill to phone payment alternatives to more than 150 different merchants, including Fortune 500 companies
  7. ILD processes over 120 million billing transactions each year for its merchants
  8. ILD’s management team has worked together since the company’s inception
  9. The average wait time for in ILD’s Customer Service Center is less than 12 seconds
  10. When you use a payphone to make a collect call you are more than likely speaking to an ILD Operator in Texas, outsourced by the phone company