savvy_shopperSavvy Shopper Alert! Sweeten the Deal with Payment Alternatives

Savvy shoppers know there’s a lot more to getting a good deal than a low price. Will the product work? Will the service make your life easier—or harder? Now consumers have another option to consider when it comes time to score a deal. Many ecommerce merchants are adding a quick and easy payment method to their online stores: bill to phone. This checkout option allows customers to charge digital goods and services to their monthly phone bill. Here are three advantages this choice offers to shoppers:

Stop paying credit card companies.

When you pay with bill to phone, you simply submit payment when you pay the phone bill. That means you’re no longer roped into paying increasingly rising credit card interest rates. There are no fees to choose this payment method either—it’s completely free for consumers. You work hard for your money, so hang on to more of it by paying bills interest free with this alternative checkout option.

Stop stressing about identity theft.

Credit card fraud and identity theft are very real concerns. However you shouldn’t let them stop you from enjoying digital products and services. When you choose the bill to phone payment method, you’ll enter your home phone number along with the last four digits of your Social Security number. (The last digits of your Social are used only to verify your identity.) There are no credit card numbers to transmit over the web, which helps protect your financial and personal information.

Stop handling so much paper.

We’re all busy. Whether you hold down a full-time job while finishing a degree or take care of your young children and aging parents at the same time, there’s so much to do—and entirely too little time. Do you really need one more bill cluttering your desk? By choosing the bill to phone payment alternative, you choose the freedom that comes with having one less due date to remember and one less check to write. The bill for your online purchases comes conveniently rolled into the phone bill you already pay each month.

To learn more about how bill to phone works, check out our visual guide. If you have questions about alternative payment solutions, contact the ILD customer care team.