Online theft

Shopping online is easy and convenient, but is it safe? Not always. Unfortunately, fraudsters have a laundry list of ways to steal sensitive information, such as credit card or bank account numbers, from online shoppers.

How big is the identity theft problem?

Consider these stats from a 2010 FTC report that examined the fraud complaint database used by law enforcement officials:

  • 1.3 million consumers filed fraud and identity theft complaints.
  • 40% of consumer fraud complaints were credit card related.
  • In 48% of complaints, the consumer’s initial contact with the alleged fraudster was through the Internet or email.

You can shop safely online.

Some ecommerce merchants offer consumers an alternative payment method. These credit card free options, which are offered in the checkout section of the store’s shopping cart, allow you to buy the digital goods and services you want without exposing yourself to identity fraud.

For example, Bill to Phone is a payment method that charges purchases to your phone bill. During checkout, you simply enter your phone number. There’s no need to transmit a credit card or bank account number over the web. When your phone bill arrives, you simply pay for the online purchase along with the rest of your phone charges. It’s easy, convenient, and safe—everything you love about shopping online.

You deserve a safe online shopping experience.

If your favorite digital merchants don’t give you credit card free payment options, like Bill to Phone, let them know that you want to shop safely, without being forced to share information that could increase your risk of identity theft.  

Safe & happy shopping!