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In today’s economy, every business is searching for a way to cut costs and monetize opportunities. Companies have looked to outsource services to offshore contact centers in the effort to reduce costs. While outsource labor may look to be a less expensive option on paper, what is the hidden cost of dissatisfied customers being sent to a non-US based, “offshore” agent to represent your business, brand and reputation?

An offshore agent’s speech may be impeccable, but cultural differences will prevail.  Brand image and passion about products are an absolute necessity in order for the agent to up sell, service and represent. USA products and services are best represented by USA agents who can identify with the service. Take for an example Apples.  A USA agent can relate to the numerous types of Apples; apple pie, applesauce, apple turnover, caramel apples and candied apples. Apples are not only part of our diet but we relate in our culture to apples. Would an offshore agent understand “Johnny Appleseed” and “American as Apple Pie” or of course “an Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away”? The same concept applies to products marketed, used and made in the USA!

Communication is the key to success. American slang and colloquialism is commonly used in our country “y’all”, “you bet”, or “back in the day”. How can an offshore agent represent your brand if they do not have a relationship or understand the cultural differences of your clients? When building the business case, I strongly recommend utilizing a US-based and employed call center.  You will be able to increase your savings by Outsourcing “Onshore” with a Made in the USA Agent! This experience will be one that you will be proud to share with your customers.

Contact ILD’s  best in Service USA Outsource Center to meet your needs, inbound, outbound, back office support and lead generations. As Senior Vice President of ILD’s Outsourced Division, I promise you a quality conversation with a company willing to strategize and customize to your objective to meet the need of your business. Or check us out www.ildcorp.com.

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ILD Turns 15

Anniversary Showcases Business Evolution Reinforced By Groundbreaking Digital and Social Media Solutions.

ILD Corp., a global leader in digital back office solutions is proud to announce that today is the company’s 15 year anniversary.  Originally a call center for telephony services, ILD has grown into one of the largest digital back-office support providers in the United States. Best known by the company’s brands, RollCall Business Conferencing Solutions (conferencing and webcasting services), ILD Teleservices (bill to phone payments), ILD Call Center and Social Strategy1 (social web services),  ILD Corp. continues to serve over a thousand national and global enterprises. 

“Reaching this milestone is a true testament to our employees and our partners. Over the years, hundreds of individuals have worked together to make ILD what we are today, and we’ve very proud of the achievements that have taken place since we founded the Company,” said Mike Lewis, Chairman and CEO. “It’s an important time to pause and acknowledge the accomplishments of the past, but even more importantly it is a time to focus on continually improving our operations and developing new and innovative services to ensure a long and bright future for each of our business units.  In this technology savvy world, we continue to evolve our businesses and service offerings with the needs of the digital age.”

President and Chief Operating Officer Dennis Stoutenburgh added, “We’ve introduced new innovative services to our product portfolio, which are all on a strong growth path. We’ve made a commitment to provide the latest technology, the most experienced people, and with this, our customer service levels are higher than ever! Investing in technology has streamlined our processes and made us quicker, more efficient and more competent in offering the technical expertise and insights that our customers have come to expect from us.”

ILD is part of the INC 5000 list and has also been named one of the Best Companies to Work for by Florida Trend Magazine.

Today, ILD Teleservices’s parent company ILD Telecommunications, Inc. announced its name will now be ILD Corp.  The name change reflects changes to the business model and a new direction.  As times and commerce changes, ILD has taken proactive measures to keep in line with today’s business needs and remain as leader in the  industry from back-office support to e-commerce customer service.

Read the Press Release here. http://www.ildcorp.com/PR-namechange.html

Read FAQ’s regarding the name change here. http://www.ildcorp.com/faq-namechange.html

If you have any questions regarding the name change or any other questions please comment here or you may contact us at askild@ildmail.com.