shopping cartCure the pain that triggers ecommerce cart abandonment

Ouch! No one enjoys pain, whether it’s the physical kind, like a nasty paper cut, or the pain that comes from unpleasant or inconvenient things, like high gas prices. For some ecommerce customers, pain comes in the form of checkout procedures. Here are two pains that might be causing ecommerce clients to check out of your checkout process:

The pain of the keyboard tax

No, it’s not the latest brainchild of misguided politicians. Instead it’s a term used to describe the labor that goes into typing. Life moves at a 24/7 pace that’s packed with work, family, and other activities. A consumer might not be willing to invest the time it takes to dig out a credit card, hunt for any necessary reading glasses, type in that big, long number, double-check it, find and enter the expiration date, and find and enter the security code, which is so small it requires some customers to read it with a magnifying glass.

One way to eliminate the hassle of the keyboard tax is to offer a bill to phone alternative payment option. The checkout experience becomes much smoother because the customer is only required to submit top-of-mind information: name, address, phone number, and the last four digits of their Social Security number. Less time spent wading through the checkout process means a customer has less time to re-think their purchase.

The pain of debt

Many consumers are increasingly aware of the debt they carry—and many are taking steps to reduce it. For nearly two years, consumers have continued to cut back on credit card use, according to the Federal Reserve. Experts say that the drop in credit card use is especially noticeable in the 18 to 24-year-old demographic. By offering a payment solution that adds the purchase to the consumer’s monthly phone bill, you eliminate the pain of debt.

The cure for ecommerce pain

Ecommerce merchants will always need to provide credit card options for clients, but you can ease the pain by also offering bill to phone payment solutions. You might just find that offering alternative payment methods cures your pain, too—the sting of seeing all those abandoned shopping carts.

To eliminate the pain that causes ecommerce consumers to abandon carts mid-checkout, contact the team at ILD, a leader in payment solutions that are simple for consumers and profitable for merchants.