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Every ecommerce customer counts. It doesn’t matter whether you sell gaming services or mobile ringtones, you know how much time, money, and people power your company invests in attracting and capturing the target market. But if you’re going to deploy the tactics that complete the sale, it helps to know about these four types of digital consumers:

The Credit Card Free – Nearly 30% of consumers do not have a credit card. Some are unable to obtain one, while others simply don’t want one. But what really matters to you is that these are customers who simply cannot shop online unless they purchase a pre-loaded debit card, use an alternative payment method that taps into their bank account, or ask a friend/family member to make the purchase.

The Cost Conscious – Other consumers in your target market have credit cards, but prefer not to use them. Perhaps they’re hesitant to pay interest fees to the banks. Maybe they don’t like to run the risk of high late fees.

The Security Conscious – Each year, consumers and ecommerce businesses lose billions to online fraud. But what’s more interesting is that ecommerce merchants lose 6x more revenue to the fear of fraud than actual fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The Unbanked – About 9 million U.S. households are unbanked, which means these consumers cannot (or, in some cases, will not) access traditional banking services, like checking accounts or credit cards. Instead they pay for transactions in cash or by using money orders.

Ecommerce merchants who want to capture these customers need to consider adding alternative payment methods (APMs) to their shopping cart options. APMs, like ILD Teleservices’ Bill to Phone, allow consumers to charge their purchase to their phone bill—and that allows digital merchants to attract consumers who aren’t willing or able to shop with credit cards online.

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Does your payment solution pass the no-hassle test?

The kids are back to school and no doubt some of them are moaning and groaning about quizzes and tests. As an ecommerce professional, though, tests are a chance to make sure that you’re giving your customer the best experience possible—the kind of experience that makes it easy to complete their transaction with you. Providing hassle-free ecommerce payment solutions is an important part of converting shopping carts into sales receipts. Do your payment methods pass the no-hassle test?

Credit Cards

For years, credit cards have been the go-to method for ecommerce merchants. And they are convenient—if the customer owns one, that is. Nearly 25% of Americans don’t have a credit card. What’s more, only about 41% of college students—a market ripe for online media and video games—own a credit card, writes CreditCards.com. For these consumers, requiring a credit card for purchase is anything but hassle free.


The popular online payment service has gained popularity because it allows anyone with an email address to pay for goods and services with a credit card, electronic bank transfer, or personal check. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. The payment processor requires consumers to set up an online PayPal account that retains credit card or bank account details—info that risk-adverse consumers aren’t likely to share. In addition, the account verification process can take up to several days. If you limit ecommerce payment solutions to PayPal, customers might find it’s more hassle than your product is worth.

Bill to phone

This third party payment solution allows consumers to receive a bill for your services in their monthly phone bill. For non-credit card owning consumers, it eliminates the hassle of finding a friend or family member who does own a credit card (assuming, of course, the consumer would take the time to do even that.) There are also no ponderous, time-consuming accounts to set up. All your customer provides is very basic information, including their telephone number. It’s a simple transaction that requires no real effort on the consumer’s part—and that means a higher conversion rate for you.

Does your ecommerce payment method pass the hassle-free test? If not, contact ILD, a leading bill to phone alternative payment processor with the tools and know-how to deliver easy online payment solutions.