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Review Your Bills


We encourage consumers to review their bills each month, from credit cards to utilities and phone bills. So, we are re-running a blog post from last year, where we provided some best practices we’ve picked up along the way.  Here it is:


In this economy, every penny counts—and that makes it especially frustrating to discover a charge you didn’t authorize on your phone bill. The good news is you can reduce the risk of becoming a cramming victim. Here’s a guide to help you prevent those unauthorized telephone charges.

Cramming hurts consumers.

Cramming occurs when your telephone bill is charged with services that weren’t ordered by you or anyone else in your household. Unauthorized charges range in monetary amounts, but can be as little as a few dollars. If they go undetected, they add up over time, putting a ding in your wallet. The charges can be for a variety of services, such as web hosting, club fees, or phone calls.

Protect yourself from cramming.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends these steps for reducing your risk of cramming:

  • Review each line of your phone bill every month.
  • Read the fine print before providing your phone number and other information to enter contests and other promotions. Fraudsters may use your entry form as an authorization to enroll you into a service so they can bill the charges to your phone account.
  • Be wary of signing up for a “free” club or service or of claiming a “free” prize; you may be inadvertently signing up for a fee service that’s charged to your telephone bill.
  • Contact your phone company to ask about the blocking options they offer. A block will prevent a certain type of service on your phone line. For example, a third-party service block stops any third-party payment processors from billing your account.

ILD protects consumers from cramming.

ILD Teleservices is a third party payment processor. Merchants use our Bill to Phone service to allow consumers to charge purchases directly to their phone bill. As a result, consumers do not need to share sensitive financial information, like credit card numbers or bank account numbers, reducing your risk of identity and credit card fraud.

We are committed to protecting consumers from unauthorized charges. For example, ILD only works with merchants after the vendor successfully passes a screening process that includes extensive background checks and a business plan review. After we take on a merchant, we continue to monitor their activities and customer satisfaction levels.  If ILD receives excessive complaints about a merchant, we take immediate action to rectify the problem or, if necessary, terminate our business relationship with the company.

Call us if you have questions.

ILD’s U.S. based customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (CST) and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. One of our associates will answer your questions or help find a resolution.

Nix Credit Cards when Shopping Online

Whether you’re upgrading Internet service or ordering remote computer tech support, you want an online transaction that’s safe, cheap, and easy. That means it’s time to put away the credit card when shopping online. Here’s why:

Smart Shopper Reason #1 – The Fraud Factor

We’ve all seen the news stories about identity and credit card fraud. Sharing sensitive info, like bank account or credit card numbers, online exposes you to cybercrime. Increasingly, ecommerce merchants are adding alternative payment methods that don’t require you to share personal information with people you don’t know. For example, phone billing (or Bill to Phone) lets you charge purchases to your phone bill—no need to transmit that credit card number into cyberspace.

Smart Shopper Reason #2 – Money Matters

Credit card interest rates and fees take a bite out of your budget. No doubt, you have better things to do with your hard-earned income than fund the Big Banks. By choosing Bill to Phone or other alternative payment options at checkout, you avoid paying those ugly interest fees—and who doesn’t want that?

Smart Shopper Reason #3 – Easy Does It

Ever want to shop online during a lunch break but you don’t have a credit card with you? Have you ever abandoned a transaction because you couldn’t find reading glasses to see that security code on the back of the card? Online shopping simply doesn’t get any easier when you pay with alternative payment methods. For instance, if you’re buying with Bill to Phone, the only things you need to know are your phone number and possibly the last 4 digits of your Social Security number (for identity verification).

Shop Safely. Shop Savvy. Shop Without the Credit Card.

Protect yourself from fraud, save money, and shop conveniently. Bill to Phone from ILD Teleservices is a digital store checkout option you can count on. From clearly identifying charges on your phone bill to providing a friendly customer care team to answer questions, you can trust your online transactions to ILD.