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If your business is struggling to keep up with the costs of credit card company processing fees, look no further than Bill to Phone services, a convenient, low-cost way to provide an alternative payment method.

ILD Teleservices provides Bill to Phone services for thousands of merchants, and you’ll benefit from our long-term relationships with multiple phone carriers. And our strict policies help protect you — and your customers — from fraudulent charges.

Using a Bill to Phone is a perk many customers are seeking, especially those concerned about sharing personal banking and credit information over the Internet.

So just how does the process work?

Approval Process

The first step in the process is gaining approval. ILD Teleservices conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the merchant, which ultimately protects customers and offers a high level of trust for businesses, approving only qualified businesses.

To meet the guidelines during the approval process, a business must pass a background check, adhere to ethical customer acquisition practices, and agree to only the safest authorization and verification methods.

Using The Service

Once you’re approved, your customers can begin to use Bill to Phone. At this point, when a product or service is purchased through the bill to phone option, that information is sent to ILD as an approved  transaction.

ILD acts as an intermediary, placing the charge on a customer’s phone bill. Once the customer receives the monthly phone bill, your business will receive the payment via ILD.

The Advantages Of Outsourcing Billing

Outsourced billing is a common practice. Typically, a business would have to spend a great deal of time and money going through the approval process with phone providers. ILD acts as the intermediary, and our long history and expertise in protecting consumers and businesses against fraud makes our bill to phone services unmatched in the industry.

If you’re interested in providing your customers with convenient, protected, alternative payment methods, consider Bill to Phone. For more information, contact ILD Teleservices, or visit our website.

All online customers want great prices, convenience and peace of mind. But the typical online payment process can be laborious and even nerve-wracking for some customers who are resistant to the idea of having to register and then enter sensitive financial information. But by offering a Bill To Phone option to your customers, you can help them and your business. Here are three reasons why:

  • You know you offer the best in secure browsing and shopping, but the customer may still be wary after reading headline-grabbing horror stories about online identity theft and fraud. That feeling of paranoia a customer can experience when shopping online can sink a deal, even if your track record is impeccable. Using Bill To Phone means that customers can buy products in the most secure way possible, with no need for them to submit sensitive credit card or banking information; the order is simply charged straight to their existing home phone bill.
  • There’s no need for your customers to go through a registration process — they can proceed to checkout and select the “charge to phone: payment option. And as any e-tailer knows, the less hassle for the customer, the bigger chance of a secured sale.
  • We put every merchant through strict background checks. This offersassurance to customers who use our Bill To Phone system; they know they are dealing with only the most reputable and trusted e-tailers on the Internet. After all, we are already processing 120 million billing transactions each year for satisfied customers.

Via our network of 1,400 phone companies and portfolio of 200 trusted merchants, ILD Teleservices is making huge inroads into the e-tail business world, offering you and your customers what we know is the quickest, easiest and most secure way of carrying out an online transaction. If you would like more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you push your online business to the next level.

Time is precious, and that’s why online shopping is so appealing. But many consumers are left frustrated by the sometimes laborious checkout process or anxious that their credit card information may get stolen. But ILD Teleservices has a payment processing solution for that: our Bill To Phone option.

All of our 200 partner sellers have been through our strict vetting process, and have passed a similar exam conducted by the local telephone company. The result is a merchant deemed to be worthy of offering the Bill To Phone payment processing option on their website.

With ILD Teleservice’s Bill To Phone service, consumers don’t need a credit or debit card to go shopping online. They simply select the product(s) they want from one of our 200 verified merchants. When they get to the checkout area they choose the Bill To Phone option, and the costs will be charged to their home phone bill.

To allay customer fears about security, ILD Teleservices checks that a shopper’s entered name, number and address match with their telephone company’s records. Then we cross-check other details, such as IP address, birth date and more, to ensure that yes, it really is you. Only once we have done these checks (super-fast and hassle-free), do we allow the charge to go through.

Shoppers can then simply sit back and wait for their merchandise to arrive, knowing that they used one of the safest forms of online payment available.

For more information about the convenience of ILD Teleservices’ Bill To Phone service, contact us today.


Payment processors can often make or break your business, particularly in the virtual setting. Including the creative Bill To Phone alternative method as one of your business’ payment methods can encourage sales that might not have happened otherwise, and build trust between your brand and consumers.

Consumers need to be able to trust both the merchant and the payment processor. Even though today’s savvy consumers generally do trust online merchants, not everyone will easily and quickly hand over personal information, such as a credit card or bank account number.

That’s why providing a trusted, safe and easy payment method like Bill To Phone alternative payment processing is paramount. And it can help to decrease shopping cart abandonment rates and increase sales conversions.

Here’s how the Bill To Phone alternative from ILD Teleservices, leading payment processing provider, works:

  • Your customer visits your site.
  • Once a customer chooses to make a purchase, he or she is presented with the Bill To Phone alternative.
  • The consumer is given the option, then, to pay through their phone provider, or Local Exchange Carrier (LEC).
  • When the Bill To Phone alternative is selected, ILD Teleservices acts as the payment processor. We are the intermediary between you, the merchant, and the customer.
  • After the purchase, you then send the purchasing information or charge through to ILD.
  • ILD submits the customer’s charge directly to the phone provider, and the phone provider applies the charge to the customer’s phone bill.
  • The customer will make the payment when his or her monthly phone bill is provided.
  • The process reverses, as payment moves from the customer to the phone provider to ILD to the merchant.

Give your business a boost, and give your customers the option to use the Bill To Phone alternative to pay for products and services. You’ll benefit from ILD Teleservices’ relationships with over 1,000 phone companies across the country, and our proven network of hundreds of merchants.

For more information, contact ILD Teleservices, the industry leader in providing safer payment solutions, including the proven Bill To Phone alternative. Call us today to find out more information, or visit our website.

If your business has a solid plan in place to generate leads with social media, you can expect a high return on investment. There’s a risk in using social media, however. If a business becomes so focused on the “how-to’s” of generating leads that it forgets about optimizing the conversion rate, revenue will undoubtedly suffer – especially if you’re not prepared to address the concerns many consumers still have regarding security.

Indeed, if a business does not convey a strong sense of security, many potential consumers will abandon a sale — after you’ve spend time and money developing leads. And that’s why your customers need alternate billing options, like Bill to Phone.

To convert those hard-won leads into sales, your website should offer consumers multiple ways to pay for products and services. While many consumers won’t hesitate to give reputable businesses their credit card information or bank routing number, particularly if your site is secured by VeriSign, you can snag even more conversions if you provide Bill to Phone as an option.

When a customer chooses the Bill to Pay option, all charges will be applied to his or her next phone bill. Bill to pay gives consumers:

  • A payment method by which they don’t have to give you their personal information.
  • A quick payment option that doesn’t require that they open an account with      you.
  • A way to decrease the likelihood of identity theft.
  • Billing in one place, with all transactions listed on their phone bill.

ILD Teleservices has established relationships with hundreds of leading merchants through a rigorous approval process. With ILD Teleservices’ Bill to Phone, you can generate more business and extend your circle of potential buyers.

What you do on the front end of the sales cycle to generate leads with social media is just as important as what you do on the back end to convert a sale. Successful businesses place equal emphasis on both ends. If you’re interested in finding out more information about bill to phone options, contact ILD Teleservices today.

If you’re building an e-commerce site, setting up a shopping cart with Bill To Phone will be among your top priorities. With the explosive growth — and potential — that Internet shopping affords merchants, a well-developed website must go hand in hand with an intelligently designed shopping cart.

The first step in the selection process will focus on hosting. You’ll have two options: Remote hosting or self-hosting. There are advantages to both.

  • remotely hosted site is easy to set up and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. And you’ll have guaranteed access to technical support, should you need it. However, you’ll have to select a cart from the company’s existing options, which may or may not be suitable for what you need
  • Self-hosting, on the other hand, can position you to provide exactly the shopping cart features that you need; however, this option generally requires that you’re technologically savvy. But choosing to host your shopping cart is often a more affordable option, too

Whether you decide to remotely or self-host, the payment methods that you offer to your customers are paramount. You see, if you limit yourself to just one option, you’re likely to have a high rate of shopping cart abandonment – a surefire way to kill potential profits and sales.

Many e-tailers believe they are offering maximum options by including credit card payment methods and PayPal. However, there’s a third option that’s growing in popularity — and for good reason.

A Bill To Phone payment method allows you to set up a purchasing option in your shopping cart that consumers already trust. Working with phone service providers, such as Verizon and AT&T, ILD Teleservices‘ Bill to Phone option allows Internet merchants to set up alternative, creative payment methods, so that customers can choose to safely and conveniently receive charges on their phone.

This option eliminates concerns that other payment methods raise, such as identity theft, credit card fraud and questionable dispute mediation, risks that are often at the forefront of consumers’ minds when they need to pull out their credit card or set up a PayPal account — both of which can put their valuable personal contact information – and hard-earned money – at risk.

To maximize your shopping cart potential, and boost sales on your e-commerce site, contact ILD Teleservices today, and find out more about our services.

Need to expand your customer base? Providing creative billing methods is one of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment — and ensure that customers who start the purchasing process finish it.

Merchants who deal in video games or movie and music streaming movies, can give consumers a variety of billing methods, such as ILD Teleservices’ Bill to Phone.  This can lead to a higher conversion rate and lower amounts of shopping cart abandonment.

Consider this scenario:

A potential customer browses your site through their smartphone or tablet, and chooses to purchase a movie, game or song. Providing just one method of billing (to a credit card, for instance) limits consumer options.

Many consumers opt for Bill to Phone services because it’s safe. In addition to concerns over credit card fraud, many Americans don’t even hold one credit card account.  This translate to potentially losing a quarter of all the users who visit your site. Providing alternative billing methods alleviates consumer concerns over sharing personal information over the web and lets them use an established line of credit through their telephone service provider.

To establish alternative billing options, you must first set up your account with ILD Teleservices, the leading online provider of Bill To Phone services. We carefully and rigorously screen merchant-customers to ensure credibility. We’ll conduct a background check and examine your marketing plan, which helps weed out unethical merchants, and guarantees successful, safe, cram-free billing for our legitimate customers. Once your account is set up, your customers can promptly choose Bill to Phone as a payment method.

ILD Teleservices works with leading phone service providers, such as AT&T,  Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile which makes it easy for consumers to choose Bill to Phone. Further, our customers include more than 200 established businesses including EarthLink and NetZero, evidence of ILD Teleservices’ credibility.

If you’re ready to grow your business, contact ILD Teleservices today. We’re happy to walk you through our billing and application processes. Just give us a call today.

It’s a basic truism that younger generations are quick to adopt new technologies. And such is the case with “millennials.” This generation is more than comfortable with using mobile technologies and payment methods such as Bill To Phone, and they shop online — a lot. Businesses that comply with how the millennial generation shops will gain a competitive edge over those that don’t.

And research supports that notion: In a recent study, Visa reports that most millennials see a future where cash will no longer change hands, and transactions will take place virtually. And about 80 percent of the survey’s respondents foresee conducting all activities, like shopping or paying bills, in a virtual format. In fact, 63 percent of this generation of 18- to 28-year-olds already conducts most of their transactions virtually, through some form of online connection, either via a computer, laptop or mobile phone.

As this group of consumers, along with other generations, uses technology more often to shop and communicate, the demand for innovation is paramount. That’s why savvy businesses are dreaming up ways to keep pace and extend their global reach, offering innovative alternative payment methods like Bill To Phone.

Bill To Phone, a service provided by ILD Teleservices, allows merchants to give customers an easy way to pay for a purchase via their mobile phone or Internet connection. It also offers an additional perk: It’s a safe, reliable way to pay for services and products, without having to give credit card information over the Internet. Instead, customers with an existing account with their local phone provider can choose to charge their purchase to that account, and then pay their phone company. (Payment then reverts back through the supply chain, from the phone company to ILD to the merchant.)

This transaction provides several key advantages, beyond just extending your business’ reach to millennials and other Internet-savvy mobile shoppers. Some consumers are reticent to give their credit card information over the web due to security concerns. Bill To Phone bypasses those fears. With Bill To Phone, your business can offer flexible payment methods and alleviate fear over security fraud.

With more options for payment, like Bill To Phone, you can extend your business’ reach to a global audience, ensure a safe transaction, and engage the new generation of tech-savvy, active online shoppers. Contact ILD Teleservices – the industry leader in providing safer payment solutions, including the proven Bill To Phone alternative — today to find out more information, or visit our website.

Providing your customers with alternative payment methods can boost your conversion rates, and help to generate business growth. And in an ever-growing competitive market, giving consumers the right options can set you apart from the competition.

A successful business focuses its efforts on utilizing social media tools to attract a following, a blog to build authority, and landing pages to generate leads. But today, it’s simply not enough to develop a solid marketing campaign. Your goal should be to combine effective practices throughout the sales process, educating consumers about your products and services and creating a dynamic e-commerce site.

What’s one of the most important factors that can convert a lead? It’s simple: offer alternative payment methods. Bill to Phone is fast becoming the go-to option among e-commerce entrepreneurs, as it offers several advantages over traditional payment methods.

Once a consumer fills their shopping cart with a product or service, the next step in the purchasing process is generally to provide personal information, like a credit card number or bank account information. However, some consumers remain reticent to share private information over the web, and this group can account for a significant portion of your overall abandonment rate. By offering a alternative payment methods that do not involve having to divulge personal information, you’ll increase the number of leads that turn into a sale.

When you offer an alternative payment method like Bill to Phone, you give your potential customers a way to pay for their purchase by charging the purchase directly to their phone bill. With Bill to Phone, a consumer’s personal information is already existent within their account, and you, the business owner, can be assured that you’ll receive payment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

If you suspect that you could improve your shopping cart abandonment rates by providing easy and proven alternative payment methods such as bill to phone, contact ILD Teleservices today. Find out how we can help you develop services that meet the needs of your customers, converting leads into loyal, repeat customers.

Interested in an alternate payment method that will benefit you, the merchant, as well as your customers? Look no further than Bill To Phone, a proven way for e-commerce providers to boost profits.

Bill To Phone is a service any online merchant can provide to give consumers access to a safe payment processing method. Customers who choose Bill To Phone will see the charges for the service or product that they purchase on their monthly phone bill. Once the customer remits payment to the provider, it is returned to the merchant through the phone provider, and ILD Teleservices acts as the intermediary for the transaction.

Here’s how it benefits you, the merchant:

  • You access potential revenue that is lost due to security concerns: Experts estimate that consumers fail to purchase products and services totaling in the tens of billions of dollars every year because of security fears. By offering alternative payment methods like bill to phone, that can mean an increase in nearly $100 per customer — every month.
  • Offering multiple payment options decreases shopping cart abandonment: According to some reports, 35 percent of consumers abandon a shopping cart — or fail to complete the transaction — because they have to provide personal information they are not comfortable with releasing. Thirty-four percent abandon their carts when a registration process is required. Further, 31 percent will fail to complete the purchasing process if they believe the merchant or site is unreliable. But Bill To Phone gives consumers a safe way to purchase without providing a bevy of personal information.
  • You gain access to ILD’s proven network of relationships with phone providers that includes more than 150 million individuals and businesses, including providers like EarthLink and People PC.

But the benefits of using Bill To Phone aren’t limited to just merchants; consumers benefit from:

  • Having a safe method to pay for products and services, using their phone provider — an account that they will already have established
  • Using a method that ensures they do not have to give up private information, as their phone company acts as the intermediary responsible for charging the customer, and ensuring that the customer pays the bill — upon which the merchant will receive payment
  • Having the means to acquire products and services online, even if you don’t own a credit card

ILD Teleservices is the industry leader in providing safe and effective payment solutions, including the proven Bill To Phone alternative. Contact us today, and get on the road to making sales with this previously untapped market share.