No Credit Card Required

Customers prefer alternative payment methods when purchasing mobile content, according to analysis firm Strategy Analytics. The survey of more than 2,500 U.S. and Western European users showed that operator billing beat out other ecommerce payment methods, including PayPal, pre-registered accounts, and credit and debit cards.

Consumers were least interested in paying by credit card.

What’s more, it didn’t matter to participants whether the credit/debit card information was saved or if they were asked to enter the card info every time—the payment method still fell to the bottom of the preferred list.

Give your customers the billing methods they prefer.

In a customer-centered world, options that make life easier for the customer will increase brand loyalty and reduce churn. Here’s why alternative payment methods, such as LEC Billing (or Bill to Phone), which allows consumers to charge purchases to their phone bill, are so attractive to ecommerce shoppers:

  • Allows customers to consolidate billing; instead of several bills, the customer simply pays for the product/service on their regular monthly phone bill.
  • Saves the customer money because they’re not paying additional interest fees to credit card companies.
  • Unlike debit cards or some PayPal options, LEC billing lets consumers hold onto their money a little bit longer.
  • Makes online shopping convenient because there are no long credit card numbers to enter or microscopic security codes to decipher.
  • Reduces the consumer’s risk of identity theft because they’re not required to share sensitive financial info over the web.

ILD Teleservices will help you give customers what they want.

As one of the nation’s leading alternative payment processors, we have the merchant tools and billing experience you need to increase brand loyalty and reduce churn. Contact our team today to learn more about implementing the alternative payment processing services that will help your brand grow.