Moved To Amarillo Texas Because I Have Friends There

A few of my friends recently moved to Amarillo Texas. They had family there and wanted to move to be closer to them. We kept in touch after moving and they were telling me how nice it was there and how there were so many things to do.

I went down to visit them one weekend and we talked about the jobs they had there and they took me out to eat and then for drinks after that. I had a really great time and after talking to them more about living there, I started thinking that it might be a good option for me. There really wasn’t anything in my little town and there were definitely not many jobs in the area.

When I got home from visiting them, I started looking online at apartments in Amarillo Texas and jobs there too. I found a few really good jobs so I went ahead and applied for them. I got a phone call later in the week and this employer wanted to set up an interview. I told them I was a few hours away and they said we could set the interview up whenever it was convenient for me. So, I told them when I could interview with them and I called off work that day. I drove down to interview for the job and let my friends know I was in the area for an interview. They met me after that and we went out to eat. I told them that I really had a good feeling about getting this job and I would be able to move down soon. They were really excited.

I heard back the next day from the employer that offered me the job. I told them it would be a few weeks before I could start because of living arrangements I would need to make. They gave me the day they wanted me to start and I searched for an apartment so I could start moving.

I was able to find an apartment in Amarillo Texas that was close to my friends. It was reasonably priced and ready for me to move into. I was really happy about moving and my friends came back and helped me get moved so I didn’t have to make more than one trip. I love living here and my new job too.