Is It Worth Moving To Amarillo TX?

The city of Amarillo is listed as just being inside the top 15 most populated cities in the state of Texas. It is, however, the seat of Potter County and the biggest city within the Texas Panhandle. Some of the city actually reaches into Randall County. A 2016 estimate put the population at just a few hundred under 200,000 citizens, and a 2017 study estimated a four-county metropolitan population of nearly 300,000.

Amarillo is not the first name of the city. It was originally Oneida. The name of the region is Llano Estacado. The city grew in the late 1800s as a marketing center for cattle due to freight and railroad service being available with connections to Denver and Fort Worth.

The city used to have one of the nation’s most highly-productive helium fields, and there was even a self-proclaimed nickname of it being the helium capital of the world. The city does maintain a modern nickname of being the ‘yellow rose of Texas’ since Amarillo is a Spanish word for the color yellow. It’s also called ‘Rotor City, USA’ for having an assembly plant for the V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft.

The cattle background is reflected in having one of the nation’s biggest meat-packing areas. Amarillo is also home to Pantex, which is the only facility in the nation for assembling and disassembling nuclear weapons, adding ‘bomb city’ to the nickname list.

The famous route 66 passed through the area. Now, Interstate 40 is the primary highway going in and out, although there are air and rail connections. With plenty of room to grow and major employers across several industries, there are jobs and opportunity to be had in the panhandle of Texas, with close connections to larger growing cities, like Dallas and Oklahoma City.