Check Out These Two Amarillo Restaurants Featuring Burgers & Barbecue

Amarillo, Texas is in the northern part of the Lonestar State. It is a wonderful place to visit, even if you are just passing through on the forever trek north out of the state. It takes a long drive to get out of the heart of Texas of course. However, when in Amarillo, you are right near the northern border of Texas. I used to live in the southern portion of the state, but I have a friend from Amarillo. Let’s look at some of the good restaurants you can eat at if you are visiting the city.

A top travel site currently lists Tyler’s Barbecue as the top establishment. If you know Texas like I do, that is about what you can expect. You can find this nice restaurant serving up delicious barbecue on Paramount Boulevard. I noticed something in the menu highlights, too, peach cobbler. Put me a scoop ice cream with it, and you’ve got yourself a delicious dessert.

Coyote Bluff Cafe is on South Grand Street, and it is a hole in the wall according to reviewers. That is a great place then you would imagine, ranked #2 in Amarillo in fact, and it features hamburgers and French fries for starters. Then the menu highlights also say chili, which means you know what, chili fries. That sounds so delicious with a big juicy hamburger, don’t you think?

Out of those two Amarillo restaurants, which one gets your first visit? It would be hard to say for me because I like them both, but I would have to go with the barbecue restaurant. They serve some great barbecue in Amarillo I’m sure, and that means some good tines. You can imagine they have their own barbecue sauce as well. I can taste the barbecue now, and soon you will be, too.