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If your business is struggling to keep up with the costs of credit card company processing fees, look no further than Bill to Phone services, a convenient, low-cost way to provide an alternative payment method.

ILD Teleservices provides Bill to Phone services for thousands of merchants, and you’ll benefit from our long-term relationships with multiple phone carriers. And our strict policies help protect you — and your customers — from fraudulent charges.

Using a Bill to Phone is a perk many customers are seeking, especially those concerned about sharing personal banking and credit information over the Internet.

So just how does the process work?

Approval Process

The first step in the process is gaining approval. ILD Teleservices conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the merchant, which ultimately protects customers and offers a high level of trust for businesses, approving only qualified businesses.

To meet the guidelines during the approval process, a business must pass a background check, adhere to ethical customer acquisition practices, and agree to only the safest authorization and verification methods.

Using The Service

Once you’re approved, your customers can begin to use Bill to Phone. At this point, when a product or service is purchased through the bill to phone option, that information is sent to ILD as an approved  transaction.

ILD acts as an intermediary, placing the charge on a customer’s phone bill. Once the customer receives the monthly phone bill, your business will receive the payment via ILD.

The Advantages Of Outsourcing Billing

Outsourced billing is a common practice. Typically, a business would have to spend a great deal of time and money going through the approval process with phone providers. ILD acts as the intermediary, and our long history and expertise in protecting consumers and businesses against fraud makes our bill to phone services unmatched in the industry.

If you’re interested in providing your customers with convenient, protected, alternative payment methods, consider Bill to Phone. For more information, contact ILD Teleservices, or visit our website.

When developing e-commerce solutions – especially those which include alternate payment options – you must take steps to validate your customers’ identities. ILD’s iValidation service will not only protect your business from being taken advantage of by e-criminals, but it will also help protect your customers from identity theft and fraud. This is becoming increasingly important, as customers place a large amount of faith in online retailers that their information is being protected from fraudulent activity.

ILD’s iValdiate service uses a multi-step validation system to confirm the identities of your customers:

  1. When a customer enters his or her information into your point of sale, the data can be instantly verified and validated.
  2. The customer’s billing name, address, and home phone number can be cross referenced with a date of birth or the last 4-digits of the customer’s Social Security number.
  3. If the customer has chosen the Bill to Phone payment option, the service can confirm the phone account is active and/or in good standing.
  4. Once the information has been validated, you can confirm the customer’s purchase. If the information was found to be incorrect of fraudulent, you can cancel the sale.

ILD’s iValidate service brings obvious benefits to your business. It will keep you from spending valuable time dealing with fraudulent orders, or wasting marketing dollars targeting consumers who won’t end up as conversions. Similarly, it helps bolster your business’ cyber-security. Fraudulent or otherwise invalid e-commerce activity has detrimental effects on both businesses and consumers, and ILD’s validation system measures are a powerful line of defense.

To learn more about ILD’s iValidate service or our other e-commerce solutions, like bill-to-phone, visit our website. If you’re ready to start using the most advanced validation system in the industry, contact us to day for more information on how to sign-up.

Payment processors can often make or break your business, particularly in the virtual setting. Including the creative Bill To Phone alternative method as one of your business’ payment methods can encourage sales that might not have happened otherwise, and build trust between your brand and consumers.

Consumers need to be able to trust both the merchant and the payment processor. Even though today’s savvy consumers generally do trust online merchants, not everyone will easily and quickly hand over personal information, such as a credit card or bank account number.

That’s why providing a trusted, safe and easy payment method like Bill To Phone alternative payment processing is paramount. And it can help to decrease shopping cart abandonment rates and increase sales conversions.

Here’s how the Bill To Phone alternative from ILD Teleservices, leading payment processing provider, works:

  • Your customer visits your site.
  • Once a customer chooses to make a purchase, he or she is presented with the Bill To Phone alternative.
  • The consumer is given the option, then, to pay through their phone provider, or Local Exchange Carrier (LEC).
  • When the Bill To Phone alternative is selected, ILD Teleservices acts as the payment processor. We are the intermediary between you, the merchant, and the customer.
  • After the purchase, you then send the purchasing information or charge through to ILD.
  • ILD submits the customer’s charge directly to the phone provider, and the phone provider applies the charge to the customer’s phone bill.
  • The customer will make the payment when his or her monthly phone bill is provided.
  • The process reverses, as payment moves from the customer to the phone provider to ILD to the merchant.

Give your business a boost, and give your customers the option to use the Bill To Phone alternative to pay for products and services. You’ll benefit from ILD Teleservices’ relationships with over 1,000 phone companies across the country, and our proven network of hundreds of merchants.

For more information, contact ILD Teleservices, the industry leader in providing safer payment solutions, including the proven Bill To Phone alternative. Call us today to find out more information, or visit our website.

Providing your customers with alternative payment methods can boost your conversion rates, and help to generate business growth. And in an ever-growing competitive market, giving consumers the right options can set you apart from the competition.

A successful business focuses its efforts on utilizing social media tools to attract a following, a blog to build authority, and landing pages to generate leads. But today, it’s simply not enough to develop a solid marketing campaign. Your goal should be to combine effective practices throughout the sales process, educating consumers about your products and services and creating a dynamic e-commerce site.

What’s one of the most important factors that can convert a lead? It’s simple: offer alternative payment methods. Bill to Phone is fast becoming the go-to option among e-commerce entrepreneurs, as it offers several advantages over traditional payment methods.

Once a consumer fills their shopping cart with a product or service, the next step in the purchasing process is generally to provide personal information, like a credit card number or bank account information. However, some consumers remain reticent to share private information over the web, and this group can account for a significant portion of your overall abandonment rate. By offering a alternative payment methods that do not involve having to divulge personal information, you’ll increase the number of leads that turn into a sale.

When you offer an alternative payment method like Bill to Phone, you give your potential customers a way to pay for their purchase by charging the purchase directly to their phone bill. With Bill to Phone, a consumer’s personal information is already existent within their account, and you, the business owner, can be assured that you’ll receive payment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

If you suspect that you could improve your shopping cart abandonment rates by providing easy and proven alternative payment methods such as bill to phone, contact ILD Teleservices today. Find out how we can help you develop services that meet the needs of your customers, converting leads into loyal, repeat customers.

U.S. e-commerce sites are expected to reach sales figures of more than $220 billion in 2012. In what everyone is calling a “down economy,” online sales continue a steady rise year over year. Even more encouraging than steady growth is the non-exclusive nature of online retail business. Acting as an equalizer, global connectivity allows anyone with a great idea or product to market their wares to a large audience. However, when you launch an e-commerce site, you can run into immediate issues with payment processing.

Security requirements
Today’s consumers are very aware of issues like identity theft and credit card fraud. Although most are comfortable purchasing online, they also know to look for certain safety badges. Most customers will want to know that you offer secure shopping carts or SSL encryption, for example. Many people will leave without making a purchase if they are not ensured of proper security for their personal and financial information.

Regulatory affairs
In addition to protecting your customers, you also need to protect your business. Failure to follow stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance rules can result in steep fines. A breach in consumer credit card information can result in a fine for each piece of information compromised, regardless of intent. An unsecured data base with numerous card holder records could result in millions of dollars in fines, for example. This is enough to bankrupt most small businesses.

Alternative payment methods
For small businesses that do not have the technical or legal resources to set up an e-commerce site and payment structures that meet regulatory guidelines, there are many alternative payment methods available. At ILD Teleservices, we specialize in providing safe, effective payment methods for many niches and service types. Our goal is to secure your site and payment methods so you can concentrate on providing quality products to your customers. Contact us at ILD Teleservices today to discuss alternative payment methods that are right for your e-commerce site.

As smartphone payment technologies become integrated with points of sale in traditional retail settings, merchants are facing issues with unauthorized transactions. In the early days of smartphone payments, there were occasional issues with unbillable customers charging products and services to their mobile devices. These transactions were processed at the point of sale, but when electronic fund transfers were attempted, merchants would discover that the customer’s phone number was not billable through its local exchange carrier (LEC), and/or that the payment was not authorized.

ILD Teleservices has developed a powerful proprietary technology which puts strict and unbreachable limits on unauthorized transactions due to an unbillable end consumer. The web-based validator which you can link to your point of sale system to automatically verify a customer’s billing telephone number to verify that the account is LEC billable and that the consumer has authorized smartphone payments. This check is conducted in real time, allowing you to provide high levels of customer service while protecting yourself against unauthorized transactions.

Known as the iValidate system, ILD’s newly developed technology gives you the ability to contact, locate or identify the individual associated with the billing telephone number to ensure that individual is authorizing the transaction. This validation happens in real time, before payments are processed, to ensure that you do not deliver goods and services to unbillable customers.

ILD Teleservices is a leading provider of alternate payment processing technologies. To learn more about our unique iValidate program, please contact a customer service representative.

Got mobile? Your customers do. An increasing number of consumers tap into their mobile phones to do everything from surf the web to pay for transactions. In fact, experts predicted that shoppers would enjoy Thanksgiving Day dinner—and then proceed directly to the couch with their smartphone or tablet to shop early Black Friday deals. The juicy new term for this mode of shopping is couch commerce.

But whether consumers are buying on mobile while lounging in front of the game or they’re buying through their tablet over lunch break, the fact is that digital merchants need to start making it as easy as possible for customers to complete these transactions. Here are a few stats to jumpstart your journey into the world of m-commerce:

  • 12% of American adults have paid for a transaction with a mobile device; however Forrester analysts expect that number to rise. (Forrester, via Mobile Commerce Daily)
  • 60% of consumers who buy with mobile make purchases with their device while still at home. (PayPal, via Digby)
  • 24% of U.S. iPhone users and 21% of Droid users have accessed a shopping app in the last 3 months. (Forrester, via Internet Retailer)
  • Roughly 50% of mobile commerce originates on tablet devices. (Forrester, via Mashable)
  • $119 billion in goods and services will be purchased through a mobile device by 2015. (ABI Research, via Econsultancy)
  • 49% of those who use the mobile web at least 1x each week have made a purchase with their device in the last 6 months. (ROI Research, via Digby)

When it’s time for your digital business to boost mobile shopping conversion, contact ILD Teleservices. From ILD Mobile to ILD Bill to Phone, our billing solutions provide your market with a friction-free checkout experience. Find out what our alternative payment methods will do for your bottom line.

You use a mobile phone for everything from reading Uncle Milt’s football predictions on Facebook to catching up with the office—so; of course, you want to shop online using your mobile phone as well. Although, if you’re like nearly 80% of consumers, you probably worry about online fraud. In fact, identity fraud reached a new high in 2009, costing consumers an estimated $54 billion.

If you shop online from a desktop or laptop you may already know how to buy safely, from making sure you have a secure, encrypted connection to using alternative payment methods that don’t require you to share a credit card number.

However, when it comes to completing transactions via mobile, savvy online shoppers should take extra steps to protect sensitive information, like bank account numbers or credit card information. Here are 4 need-to-know mobile shopping safety tips:

  1. Set a secure password for every shopping account you use. Most online stores request or require consumers to set up a password-protected account. Choose complex, hard-to-guess passwords that include numbers, letters, and, if possible, symbols.
  2. Lock the phone so others can’t access it without a password or other security measure. If you haven’t already done so, check out the smartphone’s manual to make sure you’re aware of all its security features and how to enable them.
  3. Don’t open unsolicited emails or social media messages. Our mobile devices are often a great way to find deals, coupons, and specials on the go. But be wary of clicking onto unsolicited messages that may lead to malicious websites.
  4. Always verify the authenticity of the ecommerce store you’re purchasing from. Mobile devices feature smaller screens, sometimes hiding full URLs. Cybercriminals use URLs that begin with a legitimate online store name but instead take you to a malicious site.

Mobile shopping is convenient, but it also exposes us to identity theft just as easily as shopping from the home desktop. ILD Mobile Phone Billing allows you to buy gaming services, streaming movies, downloads, and more by charging purchases directly to your phone bill. What’s more, a notification is texted to the main billing phone number, allowing you to reject the purchase, if necessary.

Shop with safety. Shop with convenience. Shop with ILD’s Mobile Phone Billing.

Every ecommerce customer counts. It doesn’t matter whether you sell gaming services or mobile ringtones, you know how much time, money, and people power your company invests in attracting and capturing the target market. But if you’re going to deploy the tactics that complete the sale, it helps to know about these four types of digital consumers:

The Credit Card Free – Nearly 30% of consumers do not have a credit card. Some are unable to obtain one, while others simply don’t want one. But what really matters to you is that these are customers who simply cannot shop online unless they purchase a pre-loaded debit card, use an alternative payment method that taps into their bank account, or ask a friend/family member to make the purchase.

The Cost Conscious – Other consumers in your target market have credit cards, but prefer not to use them. Perhaps they’re hesitant to pay interest fees to the banks. Maybe they don’t like to run the risk of high late fees.

The Security Conscious – Each year, consumers and ecommerce businesses lose billions to online fraud. But what’s more interesting is that ecommerce merchants lose 6x more revenue to the fear of fraud than actual fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The Unbanked – About 9 million U.S. households are unbanked, which means these consumers cannot (or, in some cases, will not) access traditional banking services, like checking accounts or credit cards. Instead they pay for transactions in cash or by using money orders.

Ecommerce merchants who want to capture these customers need to consider adding alternative payment methods (APMs) to their shopping cart options. APMs, like ILD Teleservices’ Bill to Phone, allow consumers to charge their purchase to their phone bill—and that allows digital merchants to attract consumers who aren’t willing or able to shop with credit cards online.

To learn more about the hassle-free, convenient APM that will lift your bottom line, contact the alternative payment experts at ILD.

Some merchants are under the impression that the approval process for phone billing (also known as LEC approval process) is too cumbersome, with too many questions, and too many forms to fill out.

At first glance they may be right, but think about it.  The phone companies (or local exchange carriers – LECs for short) are basically extending membership in their “club”.  It’s their phone bill page; they want to know everything about the business applying for “membership”.

When you apply for membership in a club, apply for a credit card or a bank loan, forms of all lengths are always required.  The merchant approval process is no different and it is really all information very familiar to you.  Some of the question topics include:

  • Corporate officers
  • Tax ID
  • Type of business
  • Services being sold
  • Sales process

We all know that information.  Marketing materials and scripts are normally already developed and available, so there should be no stressing there.

Plus, ILD’s Client Relations team provides assistance to all merchants with questions on the forms or with the materials needed, so put the aspirin bottle away.  Increase your revenue stream and bill your subscription services on the phone bill.  This alternative payment method has led to increases in revenue and subscribers of up to 25% for many online merchants.

Have a question about the process?  Ask me anytime on Twitter @kmcq45, or call (888) 453-2666 to learn more.

Kathy McQuade is Vice President of ILD’s Payment Services Division, ILD Teleservices, and has worked with ILD since 1997.