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As traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, TV and radio commercials struggle to influence consumers, the power of online marketing continues to grow. Now more than ever, marketing and PR professionals have to adjust and learn to take advantage of the constant changes occurring in the marketing arena. Forrester Research has recently issued a report which states that online marketing budgets will be growing by more than 500% in the next five years.

If your business is considering using online marketing to add to its success, here are 5 tips for successful online marketing that we recommend.

1. Know your Web Marketing Options – Email, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Blogs, Video, Newsletters, Banner Advertising. Do the research to determine which avenues will reach your target audience.

2. Control your Message from Start to Finish – Take ownership and responsibility of all your marketing messages as you are the advertiser. The advertiser is the party investing in the purchase of the advertising inventory, sales, or leads and therefore their brand and reputation are at stake in the process.

3. Track your Online Marketing Efforts with Web Statistics – To measure your success and make adjustments as you learn, have strong online marketing analytics and statistics in place. Track your sources of traffic, quality of traffic, if leads are converting to sales, etc.

4. Create your Own Guidelines – To ensure the integrity and quality of your marketing campaigns, create your own online marketing guidelines.

5. Know your Industry’s Distinction and Weave it into Web Marketing – Make sure that your online marketing efforts serve your specific business needs by setting distinct goals around your campaigns.

For more information on web marketing and some of ILD’s recommended best practices, download our white paper.

If you are like most people, you have welcomed 2010 with an evaluation of 2009 with hopes of making improvements in several areas of your life. The New Year gives us the opportunity to view our lives with a new start, a new beginning and a time for changes.

In addition to eating healthier food, exercising more regularly, quitting the smokes, etc., another common resolution this year is the goal of better managing finances.  That’s definitely something I’m trying to accomplish this year.  One of the things that I’ve realized is that too much of my money goes to paying off debts.  And apparently I’m not alone.  According to a 2009 survey by The Nilson Report the average American owes $8,329.  With a 15.99% APR and paying the minimum, that could take 33 years to pay off!

If you’re looking to get your finances in better shape this year by reducing your debt, here are a few things you can do and look out for:

  • Instead of purchasing items with credit, look for alternative payment options which require payment in full that day or at a later date (like ILD Bill to Phone). 
  • Watch out for credit card offers with really high interest rates. There was one that went out not too long ago that had a 79.9%!
  • Prioritize your debt based on the one with the highest interest and pay that one off first by making more than just the minimum payment.

Remember, in reality if you don’t have the money to pay for the service or merchandise, do you really need to buy it?

Here’s to sticking to this year’s resolutions!  Happy New Year.


Today, ILD Teleservices’s parent company ILD Telecommunications, Inc. announced its name will now be ILD Corp.  The name change reflects changes to the business model and a new direction.  As times and commerce changes, ILD has taken proactive measures to keep in line with today’s business needs and remain as leader in the  industry from back-office support to e-commerce customer service.

Read the Press Release here.

Read FAQ’s regarding the name change here.

If you have any questions regarding the name change or any other questions please comment here or you may contact us at

Several initiatives in 2009 made the last year a great success for ILD.  Always looking for ways to innovate and improve the company as a leader in the alternative payments industry, these changes have us prepared for a great 2010!

Some of these initiatives include improvements on our merchant platform and our enhanced website

Read all the details here.